Welcome to cyberFACED

the retro social network for cyborgs!

Welcome to the cyberFACED community! Modeled after websites from that time period, this is a safe place to discuss your favorite aspects of the early 21st century. This community also features general chatter, talk about cyborgization, and more! 

We strive to replicate the social network experience of the early 21st century as much as possible, but discussion isn’t limited to the past! While most of our user base consists of cyborgs, you do not have to be a cyborg to join!

“I love the friendly atmosphere of cyberFACED, the nerdiness, the weirdos, and, of course, InuBot!”
Steve Parkhurst
NeuroGlory Cyborg

We even allow non-cyborgs! If you’re just curious about cyborgization and want to learn more, you’re welcome to join!

This site is designed to be a safe space to make friends and build connections.

Our site is rigorously moderated to avoid the drama you usually see in cyborg communities these days!

Our social network prides itself on inclusiveness! You’ll love our friendly atmosphere!

“cyberFACED has a nice relaxed atmosphere and helps me meet people and spread good vibes!”
Joey Markham
NeuroGlory Cyborg

We realize that our community has been filled with many unpleasant things recently. CyberFACED, as a social network, would like to be a positive place for cyborgs and curious individuals to share and make connections.

This site allows users to post text, images, videos and more, as well as joining groups and making friend connections.

So, regardless of who you are, if you’re interested in cyborgization, join our new social network today!